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Corn Farmers Thank EPA For Following Law

Posted on 11/23/16

(JEFFERSON City, Mo.)–Missouri Corn Growers Association (MCGA) President Gary Porter of Mercer released a statement following the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) decision today to return federal renewable fuel requirements to the 15-billion-gallon statutory level for corn-based ethanol in 2017.
“Missouri corn growers are pleased the Environmental Protection Agency followed the law and returned Renewable Volume Obligations to full statutory levels.
“For the past three years, the Environmental Protection Agency has attempted to make unsubstantiated cuts to the Renewable Fuel Standard as passed by Congress. Each time, rural America has pushed back. Missourians understand the value of a strong renewable fuels sector and clear economic benefits corn-based ethanol has produced in our state and across the U.S.
“Missouri corn farmers traveled to Kansas City earlier this year to ask EPA to not mess with the RFS. We thank the growers and ethanol supporters who took the time to both testify and submit comments. Our hard work has paid off. This week we can be thankful EPA listened to concerns from the countryside and corrected their flawed proposal.”

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