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Corn in the Classroom

Corn in the Classroom

Informing students on Missouri agriculture allows the next generation to better understand how today’s food, fiber and fuel is produced. It also allows our youth to explore one of the most important sectors of our economy.

“Corn in the Classroom” educational materials include three easy lesson plans designed to educate students on the importance of corn and the role it plays in our everyday lives. A PowerPoint, “Make Your Own Corn Plastic” activity sheet, “Finding Corn in Your Home” activity sheet, “Corn in the Classroom” activity book and “Corn Facts for Teachers” are also available to enhance these lessons or can be used as stand-alone educational tools.

Lessons include the “Basics of Corn,” “Many Uses of Corn” and “Corn in the Environment.” While entertaining, these educational plans target grade level requirements for Missouri third graders in science, math, social studies and health.

To order copies of the “Corn in the Classroom” activity book or poster, please complete the form below. Please limit poster orders to one per classroom. For any questions, please contact Hilary Black, outreach coordinator.

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                                             Many Uses of Corn Poster


Basics of Corn Lesson Plan
This lesson addresses Grade Level Expectations: SS5 1.4, SS5 1.5, SS5 1.6

  • Distinguishes between various types of corn (sweet, popcorn, field)
  • Identifies nation’s number one crop
  • Identifies top corn states (Corn Belt)
  • Recognizes who grows corn
  • Identifies how much corn is grown

Many Uses of Corn Lesson Plan
This lesson addresses Grade Level Expectations: SC 4 (Health)

  • Identifies the 5 major consumers of corn
  • Identifies various uses within the 5 major consumer groups
  • Explores the uses of corn through “Making your own” experiment

Corn & the Environment Lesson Plan
This lesson addresses Grade Level Expectations: SC 1c, SC 4 a.1, SC 3 a.1, SS6 1.9, MA1 3.2, MA3 1.10, MA3 1.8, MA4 1.6, MA5 1.10

  • Learn how corn utilizes sun, air, nutrients and water
  • Identify improvements in corn production using math skills
  • Recognize how ethanol is a renewable resource and helps reduce pollution
Corn in the Classroom PWRPT Cover

Corn in the Classroom Presentation
Provides visuals to enhance each lesson plan
Additional fun facts for students

Corn in the Classroom_Cover

Corn in the Classroom Activity Book
Activities and coloring pages which compliment each lesson plan and provide fun facts for students and parents
Missouri Corn Fun Facts (page 2), Map of the Continents (page 3), Map of the United States (page 4), Field Corn and Sweet Corn (page 5), Classroom Maze (page 6), Made with Corn (page 7), Word Search (page 8), Ethanol Word Scramble (page 9), Story Time (page 10), Answers (page 11)

Online Word Search

Finding Corn in Your Home

Finding Corn in Your Home Activity

  • Encourages students to find 15 items made with corn in their home.
  • Can be used with “Many Uses of Corn Lesson Plan”

Make Your Own Corn Plastic Activity

  • Use everyday items to make your very own corn plastic
  • Compliments “Many Uses of Corn Lesson Plan”
Corn Facts For Teachers_Page_1

Corn Facts for Teachers
Glossary, fun facts and frequently asked questions about corn


If you have any questions, or would like to request copies of the “Corn in the Classroom” activity book, contact our office.


Links For Students And Teachers:
Ag Rules – South Dakota Corn (A YouTube Video Series on corn)
NCGA World of Corn (Corn Facts)
NCGA Corn Products Guide
Illinois Corn and Ethanol Education
Kentucky Corn Growers’ Association’s Educator Resources
Iowa Corn Promotion Board
Nebraska Corn Board
Missouri Farm Bureau – Agricultural WebQuests

See News Releases for additional Missouri corn information.

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